Solution on the forepart of prosperous wealth of feng shui

With the development of aesthetics and design, red bottom shoes style and style of the shoes more and more, have fair maiden wind, gentleman, British wind, punk wind wind, also has pointed shoes, round head, fish mouth shoes, etc. In the five elements, has its corresponding design and shape, can according to individual figure of eight xi with corresponding to the shape of the five elements, red bottom shoes for men to choose the style of the shoes, to strengthen life bureau, have the effect of prosperous fortunes, fortune. Such as feng shui xi wood friends, can choose square toe shoes; Feng shui xi gold friends, can choose round head shoes; Eight friends like fire, can choose pointy shoes, etc.

A good shoes to meet the following criteria: lightweight, comfortable, fit, breathable, and strong. The so-called "every journey begins with one step", red bottoms shoes as a first step culture carrier shoes is particularly important. And good shoes standards are mostly related to the material. Try to choose natural, healthy, permeability is good material, like cotton, leather, with less artificial leather, artificial leather, red bottom shoes for women such as material, make shoes hydrops, breathe freely. There just like money, spending a greater income.

Wrap the foot up the function of cheap red bottom shoes is to have the effect of protection, based on this characteristic, shoes have received. When wearing shoes so we'd better wear shoes, surrounded by less wear slippers, both won't appear too casual, and can put money again receive well.

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